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The purpose of zafon pharmacy is to help our client enjoy wellness and high life quality , using traditional medicine combined with Alternative Medicine. zafon pharmacy, offers wellness products, Homeopathic remedies, conventional medicine, dietary supplements, natural medicine, natural cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics and more.

we are proud to offer tourist in Israel online and telephone service, with deliveries on the same day. our English and Russian speaking staff will assist you over the phone and in the pharmacy, feel free to call us.

We believe that a good lifestyle leads to health and wellness. Since the foundation of the pharmacy in 1949, zafon pharmacy is considered to be a community pharmacy which first sees the client and he's needs.
Thanks to the community, zafon pharmacy opened a website that its main purpose was to allow our clients the maximum comfort of buying lifestyle and wellness products without effort , with a direct contact with our team of professional pharmacists.


About the Pharmacy's staff:


Zahi Asherov MD Main pharmacist and owner – a qualified  pharmacist and recognized among community pharmacists in the country, with knowledge of more than 20 years in the field.
Zahi Asherov specialized in different areas alternative medicine, and Transformed the zafon Central Pharmacy known to the field of homeopathy and natural medicine.

as part of the service provided by the pharmacy staff and head Zahi Asherov's the pharmacy offers homeopathic and pharmaceutical laboratory services. These operate and provide services to private and professional handlers by prescription.

The pharmacy's staff , lead by Zahi Asherov, is by far the best in it's field, offer customers a vast knowledge and attention.

Being a community Pharmacy, we take part in a "Pharmacy duty" round and hope to meet the needs of our clients outside of regular working hours. In addition our website will assist and serve you during the week via the telephone, e-mail address or personal service at the pharmacy. Click here for hours of service.

On the "Tzafon" pharmacy website, you can enjoy reliable information on various topics about Life quality , natural medicine as well as a large variety of products that were collected especially for you. Homeopathy, natural cosmetics, natural medicine, food supplements and special medicines